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Sober Living in Texas

Addiction is a lifelong mental disorder that requires management over the long-term in order to remain drug and alcohol free. Sometimes the sudden change from an inpatient treatment program to a normal way of life can undo some of the progress made towards recovery. The first year after stopping a substance addiction is by far the most risky time for a relapse to occur. Sober living in Texas is available and can give a recovering addict the transitional space to increase the success of their full recovery.


Sober living environments explained

A sober living environment (SLE) is a place where people recovering from an addiction after intensive treatment can stay in order to give them a supportive environment that encourages abstinence as they transition from treatment to their normal well-adjusted lives. Oftentimes, the friends and support structures that an addict has are centered on drug abuse, leaving them without ample support to maintain their sobriety. SLEs often take the form of homes that are shared by several people with the same reason for being there.


What to expect from a SLE

The environments for sober living in Texas are structured with schedules including various house duties, meetings and rules that must be followed to be allowed to stay there. Each house’s rules may vary and what happens on a day to day basis can be different, but SLEs often follow the same general structure.

A day will begin at a reasonable time and usually start with making the bed and taking medication (if applicable) with breakfast. Meals can be prepared for the residents or by the residents depending on the house. After eating breakfast, each person will leave to attend school or go to work. Those seeking jobs will usually be helped to find jobs and arrange interviews. Chores such as cleaning will be done after returning from the day’s responsibilities with each member of the household doing their part. Members’ chores may decrease over time for good behavior at some SLEs.

Usually at the end of the day, house meetings are called where everyone can address various issues they may have and disputes between members and staff can be settled in an amicable way. After eating dinner, many of the members will shuttle together to a group meeting such as the NA or AA meetings in Texas and all members are usually required to attend. Upon returning home, the housemates will be allowed free-time where they can enjoy hobbies such as reading, or just enjoy each other’s company.

During any time, a housemate may seek the help of the staff if they are going through a difficult time. Every day is seen as a chance to make positive impacts on the lives of the other members and their own.


Benefits of a Sober Living Environment

Many of the benefits from inpatient programs such as the availability of support, a structured environment and monitoring by staff (which can help to prevent relapse) that are given through inpatient rehab programs can be achieved through sober living in Texas.

A critical part of long-term recovery is support system to rely on during times of crisis. Being part of the SLE provides an individual with the support that the staff can provide as well the support of peers that are also staying in the home. Mutual respect shared between housemates can help to grow friendships that ultimately can help to stop future drug use.


The safe place that sober living in Texas provides a recovering addict can greatly increase abstinence from drugs and alcohol over the long-term. Becoming well-adjusted to a normal way of life while still benefiting from the support and guidance of a SLE can be a crucial part in a person’s successful recovery.

Enter a Sober Living Environment

If you would like more information on sober living environments, speak to an addiction specialist today. Take that step to practicing lifelong sobriety.