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Alternative Treatment in Texas

Addictions can be so complex that sometimes alternative treatment solutions must also be tried in conjunction with more traditional methods. Addiction treatment isn’t something that works one way for every addict in recovery. No two addictions are the same, and no two addiction processes should be treated the same. Alternative treatment in Texas can be found throughout the state and are ready to work with individuals seeking fresh new forms of treatment.

The Benefits of Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatments usually involve new types of therapies, healing efforts, and restorative practices that an individual in treatment can adopt. Many of these skills can be applied throughout the rest of one’s life and can be the building blocks for sobriety to begin. Alternative treatment in Texas and beneficial for addiction recovery since this is tailor made around an individual, and they can also decide on different forms of treatment to try along the way.

Alternative Treatment Programs

There are many different options of alternative treatment in Texas that can be found at treatment centers. Many centers will seek to provide various types of programs so that an addict in recovery can try out different forms of treatment and see what works. While there will always be the need for traditional treatment efforts such as detox, counseling, and relapse prevention, there are other treatment models that can be added to an individual’s treatment plan that are in line with long term goals.

Many alternative treatments are behavioral or healing. One type of treatment is restorative yoga. Yoga on its own is the practice of loving one’s body and healing this through motions. This is a great way for a recovering addict to check in with their own body and frame of mind. Instead of abusing one’s body with a substance or a behavior, restorative yoga can heal a person inside and out. Yoga can be effective in long term recovery as this is an activity that a recovering addict can partake in for years to come.

Art therapy is a constructive way for an individual to combine therapy with art. Whether an addict uses art to channel their emotions or feelings, the act of creating can be therapeutic in itself and help an addict in recovery overcome obstacles. Art therapy can be a calming activity that can center a person, and block out other noise in their head. By redirecting the energy that used to be placed on one’s addiction into art, healing can take over.

Acupuncture is something that might be contested in the medical community, but if the process and after-effects keep an individual sober, this cannot be a bad thing. Sometimes an individual can look beyond western medicine and utilize other healing techniques that have worked for centuries in other cultures. Acupuncture might be used to calm cravings or stop triggers from occurring in a recovering addict’s life. This can be a relief for addicts can be helpful in the right frame of mind.

Principles of Effective Treatment

Effective treatment programs don’t have to look a certain way, and are still being developed as society and addiction changes over time. Depending on the length of an addiction and the type, different treatments will work better. An individual that is going through addiction and is now seeking treatment is the best indicator of what works and what doesn’t.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that 23.5 million Americans entered rehab for drugs and alcohol in 2009.  This shows the immense need in our society to keep rehabilitation and treatment centers moving forward and constantly finding alternative treatments for substance abuse and behavioral abuse. By offering various types of treatments to those that are in recovery in Texas, this gives more ways for recovering addicts to stay sober and avoid relapse.

Don’t hesitate to speak to an addiction specialist if you are in need of treatment. Start on the path to a healthy and sober life.